Interview With A Scorpio Man Q and A – Relationship Insights

How do you typically handle conflicts in a relationship, being a Scorpio man?”

Hi Shauna, nice to be here. To answer your first question I guess I’ll have to reflect on past relationships.

I tend to mirror and match my girlfriends, to be honest. For example, if she is very combative and argumentative, I’ll tend to back off and won’t engage and talk about that until she has calmed down.

I’ll do my best not to get into any arguments for sure. If it’s a conflict where I need a resolution quickly I’ll try to open her up emotionally by being playful and light-hearted.

What are the most important qualities you look for in a partner?

Well of course looks are important but they are not everything. But there has to be some kind of attraction for the other things to make a difference. Kind and sweet women who are not afraid to compliment their man in front of his or her friends are great.

That’s a great tip for your readers. As a Scorpio man, and men in general I think, love when a woman does that. Or shows affection in the presence of other men. So everyone knows that she is with you. Other than that I would say being kind and sweet and of course, being able to cook some things helps haha

As a Scorpio man, can you describe your ideal date?

Yeah, I would say I love dates where we go to multiple places during the night. For example, if we meet up at a bar for a cocktail and then walk to the restaurant.

After that, we could walk back to our cars and get an ice cream or something. The thing I care about the most is being able to have a good conversation and find out about her. That’s why cinema dates suck in my opinion.

What are some ways to tell if a Scorpio man is truly in love?

That’s a great question. I think in the context of a relationship if he buys you an expensive gift on your birthday or takes you to an expensive restaurant he is investing in the relationship. I know personally, I haven’t done that in a relationship unless I was in love.

But to be clear, if it’s at the start of a relationship and he is spending too much money on things he may be after something else or trying to buy your affection or…. love, yeah haha Another great way to tell is if you talk about the future with him and he doesn’t respond well. That’s not a good sign.

Watch for his reaction if you talk about a trip in the future. Especially if your family is involved. When a Scorpio man is truly in love he’ll be happy to make some concessions to make you happy for sure.

He will also ask about things he knows are important to you. Like… So how was your mom’s vacation? etc

“How important is emotional intimacy to you, and how do you foster it?”

Yeah, I think it’s very important. It’s a vital sign of the health of the relationship. It’s important to a Scorpio man that you have some fire in you as well. I mean he can’t be the only one initiating things or it’ll get boring.

It doesn’t have to be you making the move but showing interest in that side of the relationship is important. I think I got that wrong there you said emotional intimacy haha Yeah that’s important too. Having a good open and honest chat about things regularly helps stop any potential riffs from erupting.

“Can you share your thoughts on trust and jealousy in a relationship?”

Yeah of course that is important. Perhaps it’s the most important aspect of a relationship with a Scorpio guy. I have been jealous in the past but have corrected that behavior a lot. It’s not a great thing but is also a sign that he cares. As long as he doesn’t get angry or anything.

I mean I would say don’t go out of your way to make him jealous because that might backfire. Hell leave and you won’t hear from him again for a while. As a Scorpio, the silent treatment is one of our revenge tactics for sure haha. I want to know I can trust my girlfriend in any situation.

“How do you, as a Scorpio, express your affection and love?”

Early on in a relationship, I wouldn’t say anything even if I felt it but down the road, I would occasionally let her know with a gift, card, or just a random text message.

Just to let her know I love her. As far as affection goes, I’m not that touchy-feely but I’d like to hold my girlfriend’s hand on a walk or just come up behind her and hold her waist and kiss her neck.

“What are the challenges of dating a Scorpio man, and how can they be addressed?”

I think the challenges of jealousy, trust, and respect are big ones. If you can make a Scorpio man trust you and feel safe with you he’s gonna open up and be far more free-spirited and fun. That’s not to say you should baby him, not at all.

I mean by doing the little things like I said above. Being flirty with him in front of others and even complimenting him in front of others goes a long way toward making him feel safe in the relationship.

And a big no-no is trying to make him jealous. Hell, notice that you’ve done it and it could end in an argument.

“How do you balance your intense nature with the need for personal space in a relationship?”

I like to go to the gym and martial arts classes. I think it’s a great way to burn off steam and keep healthy. You can’t always be with your partner, you know.

Also, you have to leave some space to miss them. It’s also great if she has hobbies and personal interests and isn’t always nagging me about what I’m doing when I’m at the gym or training.

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting messages from her but I can’t always reply straight away and that’s a problem for some women.

Ok, that wraps up part 1 of the interviews with Scorpio men series. Tune back soon for more Scorpio men and more answers to your questions. If you have one to add please leave it below. Cheers

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